Go to the main reception of the hospital and they will direct you to the Outpatients Department.

If it’s your first appointment to see your Consultant, the appointment will take approximately 30 minutes.

If you have to attend a follow-up appointment, this will last for around 15 minutes.

Your Consultant will take a full medical history from you and ask you about your current symptoms.

He will ask you questions about whether you take any medication or suffer from any illnesses. (It would be helpful to take a list of your medication along to the consultation).
He may examine your ear, nose or throat and feel your neck, depending on why you are seeing the Consultant.

Additional procedures may be required, including examining your nose or throat with an endoscope. It may be necessary to clear your ear canals of wax or debris with microsuction using a high-powered microscope. A hearing test may be performed. The hospitals will charge self-paying patients for additional procedures and the hospitals will be able to itemize potential costs prior to your consultation. (Please see the price list regarding additional procedure costs).

Your consultant will advise you which scan is indicated.

You can then make an appointment directly with the X-ray Department to pop back and have your scan, at a convenient time for you.

Once you know the date of the scan you can book a follow-up appointment to see your consultant at least 3 days after the scan to ensure the results have been returned to him.

Your Consultant will guide you and give you as much information at the time of the consultation. Please contact your Consultant’s secretary (To make this a link to the Contact Us page) if you have any queries.

If you are insured you will need to provide your insurance details and your consultant will provide you with a procedure code.

If you are not insured the Private Hospital will guide you through the Self Funding Pathway. The hospital will then contact you directly with regards to payment for the procedure and the final details about your admission.

You should inform your insurance company (before your consultation) that you are planning to see a Consultant. They will issue you with a claim form that you will need to fill out.
Some parts of the claim form may need to be completed by the Consultant. If this is the case, take it with you to your initial consultation or post it afterwards.

If you need to have an operation, we will provide you with a code for the operation that your insurer will need in order to pay the bill.

They may also need other details such as the time and date of the operation, who the anaesthetist will be and length of stay at the hospital. We can provide you with all this information.

Your Consultant will bill you directly to your home address. This invoice will be for his fee only. This invoice includes details of methods of payment.

If you have an operation, the hospital will collect the fees. This is called an ‘inclusive care package’. They will collect the full amount and pay the surgeon and anaesthetist on your behalf. One follow-up consultation is included in this price. Any subsequent consultations will be billed for.

You can either contact the nurses at the hospital or, during working hours, contact your Consultant’s secretary. Your Consultant can then be informed, provide advice and an urgent follow-up appointment organised, if necessary.

If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please get in touch via the contact page and we will do our best to help answer your query, as quickly as possible.