Ear wax removal clinic

ENT North Yorkshire provides a One Stop Wax Removal service. We use a microsuction technique using a high powered microscope. Ear wax removal by a Consultant ENT Surgeon with microsuction is the safest and best method to clear troublesome ear wax and no referrals are required.

Fixed Price £145

For clinic bookings – please contact the hospital directly

York Nuffield Hospital: 01904 715111

If you have any difficulty getting though on this number, please email: outbookings.york@nuffield.com

This service is available for self-funding patients only. It is only for simple wax removal. If you have additional problems, for example infection, you will be offered a full consultation or return to your GP for further management.

Consultation Fees

These fees are for self funding/uninsured patients.

Outlined below are initial consultation fees and any other potential costs that may ensue. All of the ENT North Yorkshire Specialist Consultants are recognised by all major insurers. If you are insured, these fees should be covered by your policy but you must contact your insurance company for authorisation. Insured prices may vary depending on the agreed rate with the individual insurance companies – please note however that if there is an excess on your policy you will be asked to make up the difference. For insured patients we charge within the agreed insurance guidelines.

Outpatient Consultation

Initial consultation: £225

Follow up consultation: £125